Story Massage Centres of Excellence Awards – 2016

We’ve been so delighted by the amazing feedback from people who have been on our Story Massage training that we are launching a new programme of Centres of Excellence. This prestigious award is designed to recognise achievements in Story Massage across an organisation. Congratulations to our first four Centres of Excellence who achieved great success in using Story Massage with a range of different ages and abilities.

Cocoro Charity

The charity with the children who have been affected by the Japanese tsunami. The founder of the charity, Takiko Ando, helped write our very first Story Massage – The Smiling Flowers. Read more here: Story Massage for Japanese Children and The Smiling Flowers.

Shooting Star Chase Children’s Hospice

The hospice been using Story Massage since 2013 within a range of settings from one-to-one at a child’s bedside to groups for grandparents and siblings. Read more here: Story Massage for Siblings at a Children’s Hospice and Massage for Children in Palliative Care.

Ysgol Y Deri Special School

This special school Story Massage as part of the sensory curriculum within the school and regularly organise sessions to share massage stories with parents. Read more here sharing Story Massage with Parents and Story Massage and the Sensory Curriculum

Westfield Special School

Story Massage is used on a daily basis at this special school – from reception to sixth form. “One of the great things about Story Massage is that you don’t need any special equipment, extra funding or further training,’ says Nicky Morris, class teacher. Read more here: Story Massage with Parents and Story Massage at Westfield School.

More about the Story Massage Centre of Excellence awards

This award recognises Best Practice across an organisation such as a school, hospice or charity. You will find more information about criteria for applying here: Centre of Excellence Awards.

Do also check out our amazing winners of our Best Practice Awards. Read more here: Best Practice Award Winners 2016.


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