in-house training

++++ PLEASE NOTE – we are no longer running in-house training days but we have a very popular online course that can be accessed as a group. Full details are here: Story Massage Online Training.

Training as a group brings the benefits of shared experience and the opportunity to support each other in developing the Story Massage Programme in your school or organisation. We work with a variety of professionals including school based staff, community workers and therapists.

“An excellent course aimed at boosting massage experience and knowledge to a heightened level … it’s fun and an oxytocin releasing event; a must learn for all staff.”

“A great way to build trust and relationships between students and teachers and helps us understand emotions and feelings better.”

“Initially I felt embarrassed about having to massage my work colleagues; however, as time went on, I felt more relaxed and found it helped build team morale.”

“Discussing with fellow members of staff  how we will introduce the Story Massage Programme was a really great benefit.”