Sensory Story Massage for Halloween

This Sensory Story Massage for Halloween was sent to us by Lisa Lawrence, Leader of Sensory Learning at Ysgol Y Deri, a Special School in Penarth, Wales. And to add flavour to the story, here are some of colourful cakes made by staff at the school! Lisa is one of our first winners of the Story Massage Best Practice Award for her work with Story Massage in a special school. 


Haunted Woods Story Massage

In the Haunted Woods it was deep and dark (The Fan)

The trees were rustling in the howling wind (The Sideways Wave)

The ghosts were floating through the trees (The Sprinkle)

And the moonlight flickered between their leaves (The Bounce)

The bats were flapping in the moonlit sky (The Circle)

While spiders scurried in their glistening webs (The Walk)

Rats were squeaking around their feet (The Claw)

And the raindrops dripped upon our clothes (The Sprinkle)

We hug each other to keep us safe (The Squeeze)

Lucky we are together so we’re NOT SCARED (The Drum)

It’s not so haunted in the nighttime woods! (The Calm)

You will find another fun Halloween Story Massage on this blog post: Halloween Activities for Children and Adults. 

Resources for Positive Touch Activities

Story Massage is now a regular part of their sensory activities, and much enjoyed by staff and pupils alike. Lisa says she hopes you will enjoy this Sensory Story Massage for Halloween and share with family, friends and colleagues. The story uses all ten of our Story Massage strokes which form the basis of our training days, book and resources. Here is a photo to show how Lisa and her colleagues used our Story Massage stickers to create the story.


Are you interested in training in Story Massage?

We offer in-house training days for schools and other organisations, and also offer training days around the country attended by teachers, teaching assistants, therapists, parents and others wishing to share the benefits of positive and respectful touch with children at home or work. More information here: Story Massage Training


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