Story Massage at Bedtime for Restful Sleep

Children love bedtime stories. And a Story Massage session at bedtime can be a wonderful way of helping a child enjoy a restful night’s sleep. Our ten basic Story Massage strokes are designed to make it fun and easy to adapt familiar stories or create some of your own.

Relaxation and Reassurance

We’d like to share a story massage written by a mother whose child was having trouble settling at night, and she found this soothing story helped with relaxation and reassurance at bedtime.

Timmy the Lamb – Bedtime Story

It’s bedtime, but Timmy the lamb is still excited. (The Sprinkle)

Leaping around the field and bouncing over stiles.  (The Bounce)

The sun is going down. (The Circle)

The birds have stopped tweeting (The Wave)

Shhhhh (The Calm)

Timmy’s eyes start to close (The Downwards Fan)

He watches the other sleepy lambs in the field  (The Circle)

One, two, three, four … (The Walk)

Shhhhh (The Calm)

Five, six, seven, eight … (The Walk)

Shhhhh (The Calm)

Nine, ten, eleven, twelve … (The Walk)

Shhhhh (The Calm)

…….. (repeat as long as it takes!)


Find out more about Story Massage

If you’d like to learn the ten basic Story Massage strokes to use at home or within your work, then you will be interested in our Story Massage book and DVD. We also run accredited courses around the country. We also hold in-house training days and offer a flexible online course. More information here: Story Massage Training Options.

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