Spreading the word about the Story Massage Programme

The benefits of the Story Massage Programme have been shared in a wide range of media. The Story Massage team have collaborated with leading experts including Pete Wells, Nicola Grove, Sarah Moseley, Pooky Knightsmith, Joanna Grace and Julia Barnes. They welcome ideas and collaborations for taking the programme along new avenues to support well-being and enrich the lives of children and adults worldwide.

Mary doing a demo in Japan of Story Massage Programme
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Storytelling, Special Needs and Disabilities edited by Nicola Grove.
Storytelling with nurturing touch by Mary Atkinson. Chapter 14.

Teaching Reading to all Learners including those with Complex Needs by Sarah Moseley.
Includes case studies and references to the Story Massage Programme.

Podcasts and Videos

The Pete Wells Sensory Stories Podcast
Includes an introduction to the Story Massage Programme and resources for sharing Lolli Ladybird’s Got Spots massage story.

Pooky Ponders – Big Questions with Brilliant People
Why does touch have so many benefits when combined with story? Pooky Knightsmith interviews Mary Atkinson about the Story Massage Programme.

In Conversation with Joanna Grace
Mary Atkinson interviews Joanna Grace about the Sensory Projects with tops tips on writing sensory stories.

Journals and Guest Blogs

Parenta magazine
Adding Positive Touch to Stories and Rhymes for Early Years.

PMLD Link Journal
Communication through Touch: the Story Massage Programme by Julia Barnes and Mary Atkinson. (Spring 2022, Page 31)

Introduction to the Story Massage Programme plus two massage stories.

Single Parent Wellbeing
Guest blog – Connecting with your Child through Story Massage.