Reviews for the Story Massage Programme

Head Teacher, St Martin’s

“The Story Massage Programme has provided all our pupils the opportunity to interact with each other in a respectful, kind way regardless of their communication or learning needs. It is an activity which encourages integration across our two sectors and reinforces tolerance and respect. It affords children the opportunity to regulate and co-regulate and strongly reinforces the message of consent and positive touch. Our school is calm, nurturing, and welcoming. One of the best aspects about the Story Massage approach is the freedom it gives our children. They have real ownership and enjoy the freedom and creativity to develop new massage stories. The impact of this programme is life changing.”

Donna McKay

Assistant Headteacher

“My pupils with PMLD and SLD love your massage stories. We use them in nearly about all of our curriculum areas to support and engage our special learners.”

Kerri Ovel

Play Therapist

“I am a play therapist who uses your stories with children in therapy and also with my children at home to teach them about safe and loving touch! Thank you for the wonderful resource!”

Rebecca Lawlor

Class Teacher

“One of my pupils can be very hard to engage with activities but recently he signed “please” when I asked if he wanted a massage story repeated. That was a very special moment. This is just one example of how the Story Massage Programme helps engagement and builds up bonds and trust for my pupils with PMLD.”

Pia Delucchi

Relax Kids Coach and Senior Mental Health and SEND Lead in primary schools

“I wholeheartedly recommend using the Story Massage Programme in schools (and in your own home!) as the children LOVE it. There are many benefits from introducing this into your setting and you can spark creativity and imagination by inviting children to design their own massage stories too.”

Sarah Combe


“We love your YouTube channel and I use it when my daughter, who is registered blind, is in hospital. We do massage stories every day to help calm her. It’s perfect as no equipment is required and it’s a different voice and the strokes give that sense of connection. Fab!”

Allison Curry

Speech and Language Therapist

“I am a Speech and Language therapist in a special school and have been using the Story Massage Programme with one of the children on my case load to reduce his anxiety and improve his engagement with me. He is making so much progress – he calms so much quicker and gives me lots of eye contact. I thoroughly recommend the training.”

Nicky Mearing


“My sister, Lauren, is 30 years old and is disabled. She is blind, deaf, autistic and has global development delay. She lives in her own house with 24/7 support from a local company who are fantastic. Lauren really looks forward to her Story Massage time. Your resources are so helpful and give us all such pleasure. The Story Massage Programme really is fully inclusive. It is a wonderful activity for everyone.”

Natalie Smith

Founder of Making Sense Creative Services Ltd

“The Story Massage Programme is a wonderful way to connect with young adults with complex needs. Many young adults living in residential care homes have limited opportunities to engage with stories, so I incorporate Story Massage in my sensory drama and sensory art sessions. It provides the benefits of positive touch as well as an interactive and sensory way to share stories and songs. Sessions can be tailored to an individual’s needs and can vary in length and content. They can choose their favourite strokes and receive the massage on whatever part of the body is best for them.”

Caroline Hill

Certified Infant Massage Instructor

“I love seeing the interaction of families with the Story Massage Programme. Parents and children really love it. My advice to everyone is just go and do the training!”

Lucie Ellis

Managing Director of Rainbows Sensory Space Ltd.

“When a child feels loved and taken care of, then they feel safe. When a child is feeling nervous or scared, simple words combined with a massage story can help calm their nerves and help them feel safe.”

Fiona Pattison

Relaxation and Wellbeing Coach

“Some children who have specific needs can struggle to feel calm, but they really benefit from the Story Massage Programme. There is often a reduction in hyperactive behaviour after the session. It can really help children as one of the strategies to manage their anxiety.”

Claire Gage

Children’s Hospital Play Leader

“The Story Massage Programme is ideal for our hospital patients. We have regular patients who come to us with additional needs who enjoy sensory play. It can also help children with any hospital fears they may have to relax them during their stay.”

Liz Luton

Class Teacher

“The Story Massage videos on YouTube are a fantastic resource. The children thoroughly enjoy watching and listening to the stories while following along with Mary and Emmanuel. They really look forward to Story Massage sessions and it is clear to see the positive impact that it has on the ethos and relationships within the class.”

Rachel Harkness

Psychologist and Children’s Massage Instructor, Bahrain

“Mothers tell me that massage stories soon become part of their routine and are the most valuable time that they spend with their children. Sharing positive touch with a relevant story can promote effective communication and encourage children to express their feelings in a safe environment.”

Kefaya Al Mubarak

Infant Massage Instructor

“The Story Massage Programme can be so easily adapted for all ages. Babies love the singing, rhyming and one-to-one interaction with their parents. Toddlers enjoy the interactive nature of massage stories and the sensory experience of props during the sessions. Pre-schoolers and school age children like sharing tunes and stories they know – and there is always great enjoyment when they write their own massage stories.”

Katie Smith

Relax Kids Coach and Forest School Leader

“The combination of positive touch and story makes the Story Massage Programme appealing to children as they can easily relate to it. They focus, listen and fully engage in the moment.”

Julie Whittingham

Complementary Therapist and Tutor

“The Story Massage Programme is joyful and gentle, inclusive and consensual. I love it’s brilliant simplicity, yet multi-layered uses for all ages and abilities.”

Claire Mendelsohn

Therapeutic Support Worker

“The Story Massage Programme offers our foster children an avenue to open up about their emotions in a new, expressive way. Children are often more willing to listen and become more understanding of others’ difficulties when they are shared through massage stories.”

Jessica Pagett

Teacher Assistant

“It is amazing that with ten simple massage strokes you can open up a whole new world! Non-verbal and anxious children are particularly enjoying the sessions. We use it during relaxation and circle time. It is a great addition to our daily schedule.”

Orsolya Wraight

PMLD Class Teacher

“The Story Massage Programme is the best intervention I’ve done in my 25yrs in the teaching profession. I work with children with complex medical needs and sharing massage stories. It just opens up their world. We absolutely love our sessions and we often change things we do in class to link to the Story Massage movements.”

Tracey Smith

Nurture Lead

“Sharing positive touch has made a real difference in my upper school nurture groups, especially with some of the older boys who struggle with expressing emotions and self-esteem. It puts them in a calm frame of mind to go back and join their class.”

Stephanie Lawson

Reviews for Online training

Elementary School Teacher, Canada

“I felt engaged…. more so that I thought would be possible via an online course where positive, nurturing touch is at the centre! I am impressed by the authors’ attention to detail and recognition of different learning styles. It is a well-balanced and varied course with excellent pacing of sessions to build up confidence. Most of all, I appreciated the gentle guidance with tips, suggestions and lots of inspiring and useful links to resources.”

Helene Goulet

Autism and Wellbeing Consultant for AIW Consultancy

“What can I say apart from WOW! I have been working with children for many years and understood the benefits of positive touch, so I completed the online course just for fun. However, learning about the Story Massage Programme has totally changed how I work. The online course is easy to follow, fantastic clear videos and gaining certification is a clear process. Highly recommended.”

Cheryl Kennedy

Practitioner for Deafblind/MSI (Multi-Sensory Impairment) children

“The online training is the best thing that I have done for a long time. I have been able to incorporate the programme into so many different areas of my work. It has become a valuable tool to support bonding between child and parent or caregiver.”

Carol Brookes

SEMH Teacher

“In all honesty, I have thoroughly enjoyed the WHOLE course from start to finish. It has not felt like a ‘course’ with any sense of pressure; I have had lots of fun and exercised my creativity in the process. And there is so much support during and after the online course. I am really enjoying finding out how others are using the programme in so many different settings. I love the creative ideas such as adding sensory props, adapting stories, and running online sessions.”

Jennifer Price

Infant Massage Instructor, Slovenia

“The time is 5.30 am (the children are still asleep, and I have “me” time) and I rush to the computer to continue the online course. It is not difficult for me to get up, because all the knowledge of the course inspires me every day…I would recommend it to everyone to use at work and at home.”

Katja Rinc

Connected Kids Tutor, Homeopath and Mum

“The online course is well laid out and well explained. From the beginning I practiced the Story Massage strokes on my children. I was amazed at how often they began to ask for a ‘meditation massage’ at bedtime. All three of my children have really taken to Story Massage and they often take turns to either read one from the book or to make up their own story. This has increased their bond and has given them something lovely they can do together.”

Carmel Donaldson

Reviews for our Resources

Founder of The Sensory Projects.

“This book is filled with stories and so much more. Simple massage strokes are illustrated with little icons. As a story is read it can also be felt, as the teller of the story delivers it through touch. Perfect for an anxious world. Perfect for connecting people. Perfect for communicating without reliance on words!”

Joanna Grace

Specialist in Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing

“I found the book easy to use and the stories highly enjoyable. I tested some of the stories out on my daughters and found it to be the perfect way to relax before bedtime. They also enjoyed learning to use the different strokes on each other, and this provides a chance for fun and bonding between them.”

Dr Pooky Knightsmith

Child aged 6

“Mummy bought me the Story Massage book. I like it because I can read the words and I can know all of the massage strokes myself. I can show my friends how to do the stories and I can share the book with my family.”

Erin Goble