Story Massage for Children with ADHD

We’ve been having some really positive feedback from parents and health professionals who have discovered the benefits of Story Massage for children with ADHD. “The Story Massage Programme empowers parents giving them a tool they can use to interact with their children in a calm non-threatening way,” says Andrea Bilbow, OBE, Chief Executive, ADDISS, The National Attention Deficit Disorder Information and Support Service, UK, “It is also a way for parents to spend one to one time with their child thus reinforcing the bond between parent and child.” Continue reading

Meditation and the Story Massage Programme

Welcome to Shaula Maitland, today’s guest blogger. Shaula, an experienced Early Years and KS1 teacher from Wiltshire, uses meditation alongside the Story Massage Programme in the classroom and shares her tips in this blog. She has also written her first children’s book Positive Panda, a collection of meditations to nurture a positive mind.

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Best Practice Awards for SEND Practitioners

It is such an honour to present our Best Practice Awards to practitioners who show commitment, creativity, and passion for sharing the benefits of the Story Massage Programme. This year, we had a record number of entries with 16 winners over four different categories. This blog showcases the outstanding work of individuals sharing the Story Massage Programme with children and adults with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). Continue reading

Wellbeing for Babies, Children and Families

Many congratulations to our latest Best Practice Award winners. We had a record number of entries with 16 winners over four different categories. This blog showcases the outstanding work of individuals sharing the Story Massage Programme to promote wellbeing for babies, children and families. Their work highlights for the versatility, creativity, and fun of the programme.

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Story Massage Programme for Adults

We are often asked about the Story Massage Programme for adults. Is it suitable? We talk to three amazing Best Practice Winners who prove that the answer is a resounding YES! Find out the benefits of sharing positive touch combined with story and song with adults with a whole range of physical and learning difficulties including Parkinson’s and Dementia. Continue reading

Overseas Story Massage Instructors Win Best Practice Award

We are delighted to present our Best Practice Award to two Story Massage Instructors who are spreading the word in their respective countries with enthusiasm, commitment, and integrity. One of the joys of our flexible online course is that it opens up opportunities for practitioners across the world to share the benefits of the Story Massage Programme. Congratulations to Katja Rinc from Slovenia and Kefaya Al Mubarak from Bahrain.

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Well-Being for Pre-School Children

Well-being teacher, Una Curran, shares important lessons around mental health and well-being for pre-school children in Ireland. “I teach classes for children from two and half years of age,” says Una, “It is amazing how quickly self-help and relaxation techniques become a way of life for them.” Continue reading

Occupational Therapy and the Story Massage Programme

Specialist Occupational Therapist, Hanna Munro, described our Story Massage book as her ‘new favourite book’ in a recent video on her facebook page. So we asked Hanna to write a guest blog. Read on to discover the benefits of combining the Story Massage Programme with Occupational Therapy for children with autism and sensory integration difficulties.

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Success for Student with Learning Disabilities

Celebrating success for student, Kym Shepherd, our first qualified Story Massage practitioner with learning disabilities. Kym, who has myotonic dystrophy, was first introduced to the Story Massage Programme at college. It brought such joy and purpose into her life that decided to train to share it with others. Kym passed our online course with the support and mentorship of Astrid Gilmartin, a Story Massage Instructor. Together, they plan to share massage stories with children in a local nursery. A wonderful story of courage, determination and achievement. Continue reading

Celebrating Spring with Story Massage

We’re celebrating our changing seasons with three different massage stories for spring. These seasonal massages have been shared by children in school assemblies, special events and the family home. Perhaps these stories will inspire you to create your own? Continue reading