Kenyan Children Share Story Massage in School

Story Massage is now a popular part of the school day at Baobab Kindergarten, near Nairobi in Kenya. This kindergarten is part of a charity school set up with UK support to feed and educate 100 of the poorest children, aged 3-12 years, giving them the chance to break out of a life of poverty and despair.


Kenyan teacher, Rose Ndegwa, attended a Story Massage training whilst visiting the UK in December 2014. She immediately recognised the benefits and was keen to return to the school to implement our ten basic strokes within the kindergarten and share story massages from our book: Once upon a touch…story massage for children.


So we were delighted to receive news from Rose about the progress of Story Massage in school. “I would like to thank you for teaching me story massage as it is one of the activities that the children enjoy the most,” writes Rose.

Benefits of Story Massage

Rose highlights three main benefits for children in the kindergarten:

  • Relaxation: Story Massage helps the young pupils to relax in the afternoon. Indeed, she says they prefer story massage to taking a nap.
  • Fun: Story Massage is a fun activity that Rose introduces to break the monotony of something the children are not enjoying doing.
  • Learning: Rose uses Story Massage to teach English with new songs and stories as the activity helps the children to remember the words.


Learning is Fun with Story Massage

Above all, Rose says she is delighted to have discovered a simple and effective activity that combines learning with fun. “It is awesome to have found a way to put these together,” she says, “Story Massage in school works perfectly within the Kenyan education system and the Story Massage book and DVD are really helpful. We use the massage stories from the book, and also create our own.”


Learn Story Massage for Children

Would you like to use Story Massage within your home, work or charity? You can find out more about our one day course on our Story Massage Training page. We have dates and venues around the country – and we also organise in-house training days.

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