Coping with Divorce – Positive Touch for Children

This beautiful and heartfelt Story Massage was written by a grandmother for her granddaughter who is coping with divorce and the difficult emotions she is experiencing towards her parents.  It contains a powerful message of love and hope through positive touch. 

Please share with members of your own family or others who could benefit from the therapeutic combination of positive touch and gentle affirmation.
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Your family is not broken…

Mummy has gone one way. (Half fan)

Daddy has gone another. (Half fan)

It’s still okay to love Mummy. (Circle)

It’s still okay to love Daddy. (Circle)

Mummy and Daddy love you. (Circle)

Sometimes you get angry. (Drum)

Sometimes you get sad. (Sprinkle)

But that’s okay. (Calm)

It feels like your family is broken. (Sideways Wave)

But it’s not. It’s only cracked. (Wave)

For everyone is still here. (Circle)

Aunties, uncles, cousins, Grandad, Nanny. (Circle)

You are very loved. (Circle or Heart)

Training in Story Massage

Our Story Massage book, resources and training options are based on ten simple positive touch strokes. The massage strokes, all with descriptive names such as The Wave or The Fan, are easy to remember. They can be readily adapted for familiar stories or used to create your own special story massages for children and adults. Information about our Story Massage training days can be found here: Story Massage Training.


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