Story Massage Training – Portlaoise, Eire

Discover the powerful combination of storytelling with simple massage techniques with our Story Massage Training – Portlaoise, Eire. The accredited day course is suitable for everyone interested in positive touch activities for children and adults. Continue reading

Story Massage for Children with Autism – Ten Key Benefits

We have been so delighted to hear feedback about the many benefits of Story Massage for children with autism. Benefits include relaxation, touch tolerance, emotional regulation, increased concentration, better sleep and social connection. Here is a collection of some of the reported benefits of  Story Massage for children on the autistic spectrum. Continue reading

Story Massage Training Day in Glasgow

Join us for an FHT accredited training course at With Kids in Glasgow on Wednesday 27th February 2019 or Thursday 28th February 2019 or Friday 1st March 2019. Open to everyone with an interest in sharing positive touch activities with children and/or adults. Attendees including teachers, teaching assistants, therapists, health care workers, Relax Kids coaches, Baby Massage instructors, parents and grandparents.

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Story Massage for People with Dementia

Are you working with clients with dementia? Or does a family member have dementia? We talk to Aly Townley, Best Practice Winner, about connecting with her mother through Story Massage. Aly finds that the combination of caring touch with familiar stories brings comfort and relaxation – and is a fun activity for them both. Continue reading

Exploring Difficult Emotions with Story Massage

Story Massage, which combines positive touch with words, is now being used as a valuable way of exploring difficult emotions and encouraging children to understand and regulate their feelings. We introduce a massage story written to help children prepare for visiting the dentist.  Continue reading

Sharing Story Massage Overseas

Story Massage is now global… Our Story Massage online course has opened up whole new opportunities for people living abroad to study and learn to use Story Massage.  We also get many requests from overseas for our book. In this blog, we will look at how our UK based Instructors are travelling overseas to share the benefits of Story Massage with children, young people and their families in all corners of the world. Continue reading

Story Massage Training in Brighton

Discover the powerful combination of storytelling with simple massage techniques with our Story Massage training in Brighton on Friday 6th December 2019. The FHT accredited CPD day course is suitable for everyone interested in positive touch and sensory activities for children and adults of all ages and abilities. Continue reading

Sensory Stories and Inclusive Benefits of Narrative

It was such a pleasure to meet Joanna Grace, Founder of The Sensory Projects, and talk about the powerful connection between our work – Sensory Stories and Story Massage. Joanna kindly agreed to write a guest blog which offers a fascinating insight into the power of narrative. She encourages us to look at stories from a different angle and to consider them as a powerful tool for inclusion. Read on to discover a whole new dimension to the benefits of story. Continue reading

Functional Reflex Therapy and Story Massage in Zambia

Story Massage is a versatile activity that combines well with other therapies such as reflexology. We were so delighted to interview Lorraine Senior, founder of Functional Reflex Therapy (FRT), about her experiences of sharing Story Massage in three schools in Zambia as part of her FRT Global Project 2018. And these wonderful photos show just how much everyone enjoyed the sessions. Continue reading