Fun Activities for Visually Impaired Pupils

Fun is the key word for Sue Ip who provides positive touch activities for visually impaired pupils at Linden Lodge School in Wimbledon. Sue, a massage therapist, has been awarded our Best Practice Award for her innovative and uplifting approach to Story Massage.

Working with Multi-Disabled Visually Impaired Pupils

Sue, pictured below in the yellow top, works two days a week facilitating massage sessions for pupils aged between 2 and 19 years old. Some are multi-disabled visually impaired. “It’s a whole class activity,” says Sue,” The Support Workers do the massage on the pupils, following my instructions and depending on the children’s needs and how they are at the present moment. At the end of the therapeutic massage session, we share Story Massage as this creates a fun and engaging element. We choose massage stories to suit the mood that we want to achieve – relaxing and peaceful or dynamic and energising.”

Dance Massage Activities for Visually Impaired Pupils

Nursery rhymes such as Hickory Dickory Dock and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star are firm favourites with the younger children. However, the most popular activity is a Story Dance Massage to a song called The Caterpillar Song. “This brings play and fun to the end of the session for everyone!” Sue explains, “It’s very funky and the beat of the music works well with The Squeeze and The Sprinkle strokes. You’ll absolutely love it!”

Sue is so enthusiastic about the benefits of using the song as part of positive touch activities for visually impaired pupils that she has kindly agreed to share her work sheet.

“You’ll be hooked.” says Sue, “Everyone has fun, both children and adults! I love it when the children become so alert, they giggle and laugh and then sign to say ‘I want more’.” You can singalong with this You Tube recording:

More about Story Massage

Story Massage combines the benefits of positive touch with the creativity of words – whether as story, rhyme or song.  Ten massage strokes form the basis of the Story Massage programme. These strokes have a simple name, such as The Circle or The Sprinkle, and an easy to recognise symbol making it fully accessible for all ages and abilities.

Would you like to train in Story Massage?

Are you inspired by Sue’s work with visually impaired students? Would you like to train to use Story Massage in your work? There is a one day FHT accredited training course that is held around the country for individuals and groups. On these days we teach you how to share the ten Story Massage strokes and work with you to adapt familiar stories and create some sensory stories of your own. Ideal for Therapists, Early Years Practitioners, Relax Kids Coaches, SEN staff, Teachers and all Healthcare Professionals.  We also offer a new and flexible online course and in-house training options. All the information is here: Story Massage Training.

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