Smiling Flowers Story Massage

By special request from so many people around the world, here is a copy of the heart-warming Smiling Flowers Story Massage. This massage story was written in collaboration with Cocoro charity to share with the children affected by the tsunami in Japan in 2011.  Coroco has recently been recognised as a Centre of Excellence in Story Massage. 

Healing Power of Nature

Mary Atkinson, co-founder of the Story Massage project worked with members of Cocoro charity to share the Smiling Flowers Story Massage in kindergartens and schools. The story focuses on the healing power of nature. It was the success of the visit that inspired the creation of our Story Massage training and resources. You can read more here: Story Massage for Japanese Children

Smiling Flowers Story Massage

The round, round sun rises in the sky (The Circle)

And the flowers grow – one, two, three (The Fan)

But one little flower is very tired (The Circle, small)

So the sun looks down and brings rays of light and hope (The Circle)

The wind sings songs of courage (The Wave)

The rain sprinkles the little flower with strength (The Sprinkle)

Every night, the moon watches over the little flower (The Half Circle, crescent shape)

And the stars twinkle brightly in the darkness (The Bounce)

So the little flower can sleep very peacefully. (The Calm)

Slowly, slowly the little flower gets taller and stronger (The Fan)

It grows and grows in a field of colourful flowers (The Circle)

And if you stop and look very carefully, (The Calm)

You can see that all flowers are smiling. Smile and smile. Be Happy today. (The Half Circle, smiling face).

What is Story Massage?

Story Massage combines the creativity of storytelling with the benefits of massage. Ten massage strokes form the basis of Story Massage. These strokes have a simple name, such as The Wave or The Bounce, and an easy to recognise symbol making it accessible for all ages and abilities. Story Massage is fun, interactive and educational.

Training in Story Massage

If you would like to introduce Story Massage in your home or work, then we hold training days around the country for individuals and groups. On these days we teach the ten Story Massage strokes and work with you to adapt familiar stories and even create some massage stories of your own. This will help build your confidence with using Story Massage in the way that most suits you – at work or at home. During the training there will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions and share ideas with others. Story Massage Training.

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