Story Massage Training – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Interested in training in the Story Massage Programme but would you like know a bit more? Here are answers to some of your frequently asked questions (FAQ).


Where is Story Massage being used with children and adults?

  • In nurseries, schools, special schools, afterschool clubs, youth groups, infant massage and yoga classes
  • In hospices, hospitals and care homes
  • For people with dementia
  • For children with special physical, emotional or educational needs
  • In art, drama, music and language classes (ideal for teaching a foreign language to children)
  • With adoptive and foster parents
  • In the family home
  • As part of relaxation and well-being programmes for children and adults

** Take a look at our YouTube Channel to see videos of the Story Massage Programme in action in different settings. This may also answer some of your frequently asked questions (FAQ).**

What does Story Massage training involve?

There are two options for training: face-to-face courses held around the country and online training. We also offer in-house training options.

Ten simple massage strokes form the basis of the Story Massage Programme. These simple strokes are easy and enjoyable to learn. You will learn the strokes and then we will work with you to adapt familiar stories and even create some massage stories of your own. This will help build your confidence with using the Story Massage Programme in the way that most suits you.

Story Massage strokes are given through clothes, and can be adapted for use on back, arms, head, shoulders, arms, feet, hands, legs when appropriate and acceptable for individuals.

What do I need to bring?

You do not need any special equipment (that’s the joy of the Story Massage Programme). On our face-to-face training days we suggest that you bring a pen and paper and wear comfortable clothes. For our online training option you will need a child or adult to practice the strokes on.

Who can benefit from Story Massage training?

Everyone can benefit from our training courses.  They are ideal to add to your work as a therapist, teacher, teaching assistant, physiotherapist, play or arts therapist, Relax Kids coach, care worker, relaxation and well-being coach, dementia therapist. Or other occupation where the Story Massage Programme could bring benefits to children and adults. Story Massage is also wonderful for parents, grandparents, adoptive and foster parents wishing to bring creative, positive touch activities into the family home.

All adults working with children or vulnerable adults require an enhanced DBS certificate (Disclosure and Barring Service) or equivalent. Therapists are required to adhere to the Code of Conduct and Professional Practice of their professional organisation.


Do I get a certificate?

The course is designed for Continuing Professional and Personal Development (CPD) as an extension of current skills, work and experience. All participants will be issued with a certificate for their own personal or professional use. Both the face-to-face course and the online course are approved for 5 CPD points by the FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists).

Can I run group sessions after the training?

This depends on your current job, experience and qualifications. If you are an independent practitioner and wish to gain insurance to run Story Massage groups such as Baby Story Massage Groups, Library sessions, family groups or peer massage sessions in schools you will need to be qualified as a Story Massage Instructor.

In order to receive this certificate you will need to have a current qualification that includes a component with training on peer massage and/or how to instruct parents and carers on how to apply a bodywork therapy to babies, toddlers or children for the purposes of relaxation. Among the recognised qualifications that fulfil the criteria are below, but do contact us as more are being added all the time:

  • MISP (Massage in Schools Programme), Impact (Kind Hands)
  • Relax Kids
  • Light Touch Reflexology for Babies, Toddlers and Children or Baby Reflex
  • Infant Massage Instructor or Baby Massage Instructor
  • Baby Yoga Instructor or ITEC Diploma in Infant and Child Massage

Can I gain Instructor Certificate at a later date?

If you have completed the face-to-face course your CPD certificate can be changed to Story Massage Instructor if you gain the necessary qualifications after the course.

Can I get an Instructor Certificate after completing the online course?

You can also qualify as a Story Massage Instructor after taking the online course (if you have the required prior qualifications) however, you will need to send us a short video to demonstrate how you are using Story Massage. We make a small charge of £25 to cover the administration. Please contact Mary on for more information.


How can I book a place on a course?

All the dates and venues are on our Story Massage Training page. Simply contact us for a booking form and payment options. We are happy to invoice your organisation if they are paying for your place.

Are there any on-going charges or requirements to use Story Massage?

No. Once you have completed the course then you can use Story Massage within your work or at home at no further cost. You may wish to purchase some of our resources (Book, DVD, Stickers, Wallcharts and Lanyards) but this is not obligatory. However, we do ask you to work within the guidelines of respectful and positive touch discussed on the course.

We offer you on-going support after your training through our social media platforms, regular newsletter and Facebook Community Page for people who have trained with us.

Do you offer in-house training for organisations?

Yes, definitely. We hold regular training days for schools, groups and other organisations wishing to introduce Story Massage to the children or adults in their care. Training as a group brings the additional benefits of shared experience and the opportunity to support each other in introducing and developing Story Massage. We work with a variety of professionals including school based staff, community workers and therapists.

Cost for in-house/group training:

£1600 for up to 20 delegates, plus travel and accommodation. This includes the experience and expertise of two trainers plus a comprehensive training manual and certificate for each attendee.


£800 for up to 10 delegates, plus travel and accommodation. This includes the experience and expertise of one trainer plus a comprehensive training manual and certificate for each attendee.

Do contact us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions: What do others say about Story Massage?

“The benefits of positive touch activities through Story Massage have been amazing. It is one of the best training days I have ever attended. Story Massage is an invaluable tool, quite literally at your fingertips, that can bring so many benefits for children. Story Massage gives children an opportunity to show they care for each other and to work on their co-operation skills which for many children in the nurture room can be very difficult.” Charlene Craig, Nurture Teacher, Quarry Brae Primary School, Glasgow. 

“Many thanks for such a successful INSET training day. It was wonderful to see the TAs so enthusiastic about learning Story Massage and the possibilities for our students with additional needs. They all said that it was a really worthwhile day and they couldn’t wait to put their new skills into practice the next day!”  Sunita Widlake, Assistant Head Teacher (Inclusion), Winsor Primary School, Newham.

“I completed the Online Story Massage training course in February, and I’ve been using Story Massage weekly in my sessions ever since. The online course is very comprehensive and easy to follow. Post training support is excellent both with the Facebook forum and online classroom. And answering all those frequently asked questions. I would fully recommend it.” Ann de Young, Relax Kids Coach

“I’m so pleased that I took the course as it has helped expand my business. Story Massage is the perfect follow-on to my baby massage classes. Mums so often want to keep going with the classes and this works really well for all the family. I love to see how the babies, especially the more active ones who are usually busy rolling and moving, suddenly stop still, look at their Mum, and start to sing back or settle and become relaxed; happy to be given a massage story. They clearly enjoy the mix of songs, stories and positive touch. Tracey Allport, Occupational Therapist and Baby Massage Instructor


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