Online Course Resources – Documents

Please read carefully

These documents are designed for students studying the Story Massage Online Course. They are not relevant or useful without the additional information, videos, audios and practical work within the course.

Click on the modules below to find the relevant documents. Please note these resources are designed to support your own self-reflection and develop your practice. You do not need to submit them. Feel free to jot down the questions and answer in any format that you choose. They are for your own use so it is not necessary to download unless you wish to.

In order to finish the course and gain your CPD certificate you will need to complete the final answer sheet on Slide 13 in Module 5 and submit this plus an example of a massage that you have adapted or created. Email this for assessment to It is okay to send us photographs or scans of your work but please mark these clearly with your name. Or you can also answer the questions in an email. We want to make it as easy as possible for you.

Additional resources – Click to additional resources to support your work. These are not essential but some people find them helpful.

MODULE 1 < PDF format

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Story Massage Strokes – Inspiration

Story Massage Strokes – Chart

Developing your confidence and skills

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Adapting and creating massage stories

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Making the Story Massage Programme work for you.

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Story Massage Template – This PDF is for creating your own stories using Story Massage stickers or written names of strokes with handwritten words. If you are creating your massage story using the strokes as digital images then you will need to create your own simple table. You can see examples by downloading the massage stories on this page.

Guidelines for the use of the Story Massage Programme – guidelines to ensure success and integrity of the programme by trained practitioners.

Massage Stories
Colours of the Rainbow

Courtney’s Trip to the Seaside

One by One

The Smiling Flowers

Little Peter Rabbit

The Snake in the Jungle

Collection of 50 Massage Stories